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RGK strike Gaming
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Rgk Community is a group composed of all Steam users who play Counter-Strike 1.6 on 'rgk' servers and also the host for all the lovers of this event (if I may call it so) named Counter-Strike and for the players of other PC games, inside Romania.
Here it’s easy to find friends online, to organize groups, to join chatrooms, to host games and much more.
This community’s existence was possible due to the people who are composing it, and also due to the ties ns the frienships that they’ve made. We hope that in future, as many people as possible, with humility and respect for others, will be a part of this community.
I say hello to all who had the pleasure to join this group.
Be fairplay in order to win the respect of others!

Oberhausen Elite Group
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Enemy Territory
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WarHogs Clan
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