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Show your gaming-stats on websites and message-boards. Select from a variety of banner designs and sizes. Easy to implement!



The HLSW-Bot broadcasts thrilling matches to the IRC. Adjust the layout via skins.



HLSW supports a huge range of the most popular online-games allowing you to easily jump straight into the action from the HLSW server browser.



HLSW supports the most popular FPS games and allows you to quickly and easily search for servers using your defined criteria!



Create buddylists and then chat to all your friends. See what servers they are playing on and join them instantly via HLSW!

Remote Control

Remote Control

Monitor and administrate your servers via HLSW's built-in RCON support. Easy to chat, kick, ban, change maps and more!


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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Monday, 26 September 2011

The HLSW beta v1.4.0.3 supports the brand new game Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad from Tripwire Interactive.

HLSW Mobile 2.5.9

Monday, 29 August 2011

Another bug fix release is now available on the Android Market for both HLSW Mobile and HLSW Mobile Lite.

  • Fix: Serverlist should save correctly on all devices
  • Fix: Crash on load
  • Fix: Crash when long pressing on a player name
  • Fix: Map images now display for games with no mod (E.g. CoD4)
  • Fix: Layout sizing is now device independent
  • Fix: Map list now displays
  • Fix: Support messages were some times not sent
  • General: "Kick Player" text is now "Kick %name%"
  • General: Map images now save to device cache directory
  • General: Game support updated (KAC Addon)

As this version fixes a large number of stability issues and general bugs, it is recommended all users upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

HLSW Mobile 2.5.6 / 2.5.7

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

An HLSW mobile update has been released to the Android market that fixes a number of crashes, and also updates the list of supported games - adding Brink and TeamSpeak!

HLSW Mobile 2.5.6

  • General: Updated game support list to match HLSW (adds Brink and TeamSpeak)
  • Fix: Time limit is now formatted as minutes:seconds rather than just seconds
  • Fix: Formatting of multiple limits was broken
  • Fix: Images for maps with a space in their name are now displayed. (E.g. BF1942: "liberation of caen")
  • Fix: Omitting port caused a crash
  • Fix: Non-numeric port caused a crash

2.5.7 was shortly released after 2.5.6 to fix a crash triggered when installing 2.5.6. Further 2.5.7 contains a fix for server lists not saving on some devices.

HLSW Mobile 2.5.7

  • Fix: Crash on install caused by an API change in 2.5.6
  • Fix: Server lists not saving on certain hardware

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